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Hello and welcome to the AlternateHistoryGames wikia. Any original Map Games/games are allowed here! Please read the rules before contributing to this wiki!

Alternate history or alternative history (British English), sometimes abbreviated as AH, is a genre of fiction consisting of stories in which one or more historical events occur differently from reality. These stories usually contain "what if" scenarios at crucial points in history and present an outcome of events alternative to historical record wikipedia: Alternate_history.

Map games are a popular phenomenon on many Wiki sites.

Ever fancy running your own nation, well, here's your chance to do so! A map game is a game where players take turns writing something happening in that time period. A global one is one that involves the entire world. See if you can take over the entire world or end poverty in Africa?

These games are a user collaborative alternate history type of game. A starting map, scenario and rules are posted by the game’s creator at the start of the game. The players take turns competing with each other by posting a series of dated alternate historical events beneath the map and making changes to the map when relevant, as they act out there plans on how to run the world and outsmart their rival at military, economy, treaties, political, spots, space tec, exploration plans, etc; (like if they were a real head of state). As time passes the events will making changes to the map and modify the statistical values of the nations.

This wikia was created in response to the new rules on the about map games. Here there are almost no rules restricting alternate history type map games.

What we do hereEdit

We play map games of alternate history. But feel free to make articles about anything related to it, like national statistics and\or a timeline leading up to your map game.

There are 6 basic typesEdit

  1. Real life- Events in reality, such as the American Civil War.
  2. Altered real Life- Reality altered, such as the CSA won the American Civil War.
  3. Scifi and Aliens- Aliens, warp-drive and alike, such as Hitler invites E.T. to join the Reich.
  4. TV franchise- Such as Stargate SG-1.
  5. Fantasy and alike- such as unicorns, gnomes, dragons, wizards and alike.
  6. Real life apocalyptic- such as post-atomic holocaust, post-super-meteor strike, a plague world and alike.
  7. ASB Apocalyptic- such as a alien invasion, a zombie world and alike.
  • We do types 1, 2 and 6 here.

List of Current Games

Also seeEdit

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  4. Table of user restricted nations
  5. How to make an article
  6. How to play a map game

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