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File:Planet Bholl Geolagey.png

The continentsEdit

  1. Hispaniola- uninhabited.
  2. Iberia- uninhabited.
  3. Algarve- uninhabited.
  4. Amizonia- 1 nation.
  5. Jutland- 14 nations.
  6. Istria- 8 nations.
  7. Europe- 35 nations.
  8. Tyrol- 5 nations.
  9. Siberia- 18 nations.
  10. Pangaea- 18 nations.
  11. Mazovia- 7 nations.
  12. Chiltern- 12 nations.
  13. Cascadia- 7 nations.
  14. Gondwanaland- 3 nations.
  15. Anatolia- 21 nations.
  16. Kamchatka- 13 nations.
  17. Rodinia- 6 nations.
  18. Oceania- uninhabited (it's totally underwater).
  19. Karoo- uninhabited

5 most active fault-linesEdit

The are-

Le LuneEdit

Geography and geologyEdit

Le Lune is the planet's moon. It is the same size as Earth's moon, but made out of the red stuff Mars is made out of.

File:Le Lune (Planet Bholl map game).png

Satellites, moon shots and moon landingsEdit


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